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Orton Gillingham Based Reading Intervention

What is reading intervention?

One-on-one reading intervention is provided by our provider, Danielle Corneille MS-CCC-SLP, a licensed speech language pathologist with years of experience treating reading disorders and dyslexia. She uses a multisensory, research based approach (Orton Gillingham), as well as alternative strategies and research validated programs. Our speech language pathologist can provide important insight into language based components of reading that other providers may not address.

Why chose an SLP for reading intervention?

The approach a speech language pathologist takes to reading intervention is fundamentally different from what a reading tutor may offer. While a reading tutor's main focus is getting your child to their academic and age-appropriate reading level, an SLP takes a holistic approach to understanding your child's literacy and learning skills. An SLP can assess your child's speech, language, reading, spelling, and writing skills, with additional consideration for learning challenges and needs. All of these components will be considered when an SLP constructs an individual plan for your child, with tailored goals to nurture your child's learning development and confidence.

What if my child has not yet been diagnosed with dyslexia or a reading disorder? Can they still receive intervention?

Yes, we understand the value and importance of receiving timely intervention. We are able to work with children whether or not they have received an official diagnosis. We can provide informal assessments to determine your child's strengths and needs, and create a customized intervention plan to address their needs (phonological awareness, reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, letter formation, etc.).    

Do you also provide services for late elementary, middle and high schoolers?

Yes, our provider has training and experience serving reading clients from k-12th grade.  Reading intervention for middle schoolers and high schoolers may incorporate instruction of word morphology, Latin and Greek roots, writing strategies, high level language concepts to assist with reading comprehension, and more.

How many sessions per week do you offer?  Do you have any intensive programs?

We offer weekly sessions (1x per week), and also have options for more intensive services, with 2 or more sessions per week as needed.   

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